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Set Up Automatic Payments for Your Insurance Policies

We know how busy your life can be. There’s always something going on! And whether it’s meetings at work, getting the kids to and from school and practices or keeping up with chores at home, there’s never a dull moment. When those things build up, American Family Insurance has the online tools — like AutoPay — to put your mind at ease, keep up with the pace and get your insurance bill paid on time, every time.

Easy Automatic Payment Setup

AutoPay makes paying your policies easier than ever. All it takes is a few quick clicks on your My Account and your payments will be automatically deducted from your checking, savings or debit/credit card account. Select whether you want to pay monthly or in full, pick a regularly occurring day of the month (if monthly) before your bill’s due date and you’re all set. You’ll never forget to make a payment again!

You could save a lot more than time, too. If you set up AutoPay, you'll receive email notifications in place of paper statements when new bills are available to view online. At American Family, we believe our communities deserve and need healthy environments to thrive. And by eliminating paper waste, you’re helping us make that a reality. Here's more information on the benefits of going paperless with American Family.

Saving on Your American Family Insurance Policies

The best part of AutoPay? You could be eligible for a discount if you set up automatic payments with your checking or savings account. While you can set up automatic payments with your debit/credit card account, you won’t qualify for a discount.

Want to save even more money? American Family has tons of other discounts available for customers. Whether it’s bundling multiple insurance policies you have with us, installing smart home accessories or a safe driver discount for the teen on your policy, we make it easy to save money.

Do More With My Account

Signing up for AutoPay isn’t all you can do with your My Account. Enrolling My Account gives you easy online access to these features:

Policy management. Looking for your policy documents? Just log in to your My Account and you’ll be able to pull them up with a couple clicks. Find your policies’ terms, deductibles, coverage limits, discounts and other policy information online, any time. Need to get an insurance card for a particular policy? You can do it there, too.

Bill management. Need to find old billing statements for your records? On your My Account, they’re easy to find and print. In addition to setting up AutoPay, you can also check account balances, due dates and payment history.

Check on your claims. Whether you need to submit a claim, check the status of a claim or pull up an old claim, My Account has you covered.

Make It Easy With the MyAmFam App

Take your My Account wherever you go with the MyAmFam app. Need to edit your AutoPay? Get an insurance card? Make a claim? It’s got you covered and then some. You’ll have your insurance coverages right by your side all the time, any time. Download the MyAmFam app today!

So, get the tools you need to keep your life moving. We’ll be here to help every step of the way. Your agent is ready to help you start using AutoPay — or if you'd prefer to set up AutoPay on your own, just enroll in My Account, register your account(s) and set up your payments. It’s that simple.

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Have any questions? Your American Family Insurance agent is always there to answer your questions about your insurance coverages and help you craft your policies to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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