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Celebrating Women’s History Month

In the 1980s, Congress designated the month of March as Women’s History Month — a time to celebrate the vital roles women had in history, culture and society. It’s a time to acknowledge the great achievements women have made over the course of American history in a variety of fields. Because of their determination and perseverance, the women of our past have paved a way for the fearless females of today to continue making history.

At American Family, we ask you to join us as we celebrate the women who have dreamed fearlessly to shape the world we live in today.

Why Do We Celebrate Women’s History Month?

From the unsung heroes to the names we’ve celebrated for centuries, we believe in taking the time to commemorate women and their contributions to our history. Why is it so important to take a month to recognize women in particular? We’ll give you a few reasons:

To Inspire Future Generations

Powerful women have been around forever. But recognizing and applauding their achievements is something that’s been accepted in the last two centuries alone. By celebrating Women’s History Month and showcasing the accomplishments of fearless females, we can inspire our future generations to break through any glass ceiling.

To Credit the Uncredited

Many women in history have been overlooked or discredited for their work. There are countless incredible women who have changed the world — but aren't part of the historical narrative. By celebrating Women’s History Month, we hope to bring these inspirational women to the forefront and acknowledge their contributions.

To Feature What Women Can Do — and Have Done

Much of history indicates that women were told time and time again that they can’t do something a man can do. But now we celebrate the female influencers who have governed, led military forces, were mathematicians, doctors, writers and world changers. Why celebrate Women’s History Month? To bust the myth about what women “can’t” do.

Join Us as We Celebrate Women Who Dream Fearlessly

At American Family Insurance, we admire and applaud those who dream fearlessly — because we know that dreams come with hard work and spirit. When we think of a fearless dreamer, we think of someone who is persistent and passionate. And at the end of the day, what they do improves the lives of others — just like the four fearless female dreamers we’re celebrating for Women’s History Month.

From seeking a cure for sickle cell anemia to inspiring others with music, no dream is too big to accomplish. These stories are testimonies to what it takes to dream fearlessly and empower others to do the same. Learn more about their stories below.

Catherine “Catie” Parker: Helping Others Heal With Music

Catie Parker is a board-certified music therapist who received her Master’s degree in music therapy in 2016. She specializes in working with individuals with developmental disabilities, and loves working with clients of all ages and abilities.

Catie also enjoys writing music and playing in her band, Honeyday. She’s passionate about treating all humans with dignity and using music for healing and goodness. We admire Catie’s unique dream to help others improve their lives through music.

Aja Woodby: Inspiring Those Who Aspire

Aja Woodby is a senior cosmetologist and owner of AjaBLU Salon and Studio. She extends her knowledge of the professional hair care industry into the classroom as a high school cosmetology teacher.

Through her technical education program, working with high school juniors and seniors, she has helped prepare hundreds of aspiring beauty professionals to become licensed practitioners. In her spare time, Aja advises dads on how to care for their daughters’ hair through her hands-on program, “Dads Can Doo it Too.”

Thank you, Aja, as you help inspire others pursuing the field of cosmetology. And for helping dads learn an important skill to benefit their daughters.

Erika Ettin: A Dream Match

After a successful career in finance, Erika Ettin wasn’t feeling fulfilled. So she took a leap of faith, quit her job and started her own business, A Little Nudge, where she helps people navigate the world of online dating. Her job satisfies her need to both work with people on a one-on-one basis as well as manage a business.

She also co-hosts a popular dating podcast called, “So, We Met Online.” The business has been featured in numerous media outlets around the country, most notably the New York Times and NPR.

Erika’s greatest joy in life is working with and learning about people through her job. We love Erika’s fearless fortitude to pursue a dream of owning her own business and improve the lives of others.

Zahara Weeks: Current Warrior, Future Doctor

Zahara is a bright and energetic 5th grader who loves anything about science, as she was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia (Sickle Cell SS) at birth. Born a warrior, she’s already proven that she has the courage to stand up to Sickle Cell.

It's because of her fight that Zahara wants to be a doctor — specifically some form of pediatric specialty such as hematology, oncology or gastroenterology. Her hope is to help children with similar experiences as hers.

Zahara’s magnetic personality leaves an impression on everyone she meets. This enthusiasm for life and amazing sense of confidence has led to many awesome opportunities. Zahara, along with her parents, Dean and Kesha, are committed advocates of spreading awareness about Sickle Cell Disease. As a family, they’ve also organized several toy and pajama drives for children with various chronic diseases and disorders, which they call Marley’s Mission to Give.

In spite of the many ups and downs that life with Sickle Cell brings, Zahara is determined to “live her best life” and believes that because of her faith in God, along with the support of her family and medical team, there’s nothing she can’t accomplish. Zahara’s strength and resilience as she continues to dream big despite her disease is an inspiration to us all.

What Does Women’s History Month Mean to You?

Inspired by the stories of these amazing women above? You can dream fearlessly too. At American Family Insurance, we’re here to help you reach any goal you set your mind to. Check out more articles about support for your dreams.

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