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Supporting Dreams Through Kindness

Sometimes we become so laser-focused on achieving our own dream that we forget about those around us. But it’s important we be there for our fellow dreamers — because when we come together, any dream is possible.

From grand gestures to the smallest favor, making kindness a daily habit is an excellent way to help your community and inspire the dreams of people around you. Here are some simple ways you can pay kindness forward.

Start small.  
There are plenty of little gestures that’ll make people smile! Start by letting another car merge in front of you, using your spare change to plug some else’s meter or tipping your waiter an extra 5%. These small acts of kindness can make a big impact.

Surprise and delight. You’d be surprised at how much a little treat or an offer to help out can brighten someone’s day. So send a care package to your kids or parents, bake brownies for your coworkers or offer to babysit for a friend, free of charge.

Go big. There are other things you can do that require a bit more commitment, but the payoff is oh-so rewarding. For instance, signing up to be an organ donor or donating blood can save lives! And giving — time or money — to a local organization is a step towards building a better community

Make it a habit. Remember, paying it forward shouldn’t be a chore, it’s a mindset. And after a while, it becomes second nature! So, take time to reflect on the kindness you’ve received and how it’s affected your dream pursuit, then you can begin to radiate that same kindness outwards.

Exercising kindness is a great way to better the world — and ourselves! What will you do today to make a difference in your community?

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