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Make a Difference in Your Community


Supporting Social Impact

Sometimes, our dreams are bigger than ourselves. They can make real, positive change for an individual, family or a whole community. You might wonder how one dream can make such a difference, but with the right resources and support you can do it!

Investing your dreams in social impact initiatives not only helps your community today, it is a promise for a future that can empower others to dream big and continue the chain of change.

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We’re Here to Help

At American Family Insurance, we support your social impact endeavors because we share the same passion for creating stronger communities. We believe it’s our responsibility to show up for our communities — our dedication to philanthropic efforts has been engrained in our company culture for over 90 years.

Learn more about our social impact initiatives here.

Social Impact Resources

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Join Our DreamBank Community

At American Family Insurance, we’re dedicated to your dreams. That’s why we created DreamBank — a free community resource for your dream pursuits. Enjoy free events and offerings carefully curated for every dreamer.