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Six Ways to Inspire Your Space

Your home is your safe haven. No matter how busy you get or how long you’re away, home is always a comforting place to be. It’s where you unwind, recharge, make memories and live out the details of your personal life.

It’s so much more than just a roof over your head — it’s the place your dreams grow. So shouldn’t it be a place that inspires you?

After all, when it comes to pursuing your dreams, it’s all about your mindset. And the look and feel of your environment plays a big role in how you approach each day. If you’ve ever looked around your home or apartment and felt less than pleased with it, it may be time to make some changes.

No matter what your space or budget, there are small ways to sprinkle inspiration throughout your home and make it a space to love and thrive in. Here’s where to start:

  1. VO: Ready for a space that sends your dreams soaring? Here are 6 simple ways to inspire your place for dreaming from American Family Insurance.

    We pan through the setting of a home - a sofa, a dining table, a standing lamp, and finally, we pan to a working desk with a laptop placed on top of it.

    VO: Your home is where you spend a lot of your time. Especially if you work at home, it should inspire you from the moment you wake up and all throughout the day.

    We layer the numbers 1 through 6 at the top of the video (similar to the SMART Goals video, where we had the letters of GOALS serving as a table of contents to the video itself). As we go through each number, it’ll change color to show that we are currently on that piece of advice.

    VO: Here are 6 simple ways to upgrade your space.

    We highlight the number 1, and move from the desk to a bed, where our hero character sleeps.

    VO: First thing’s first: waking up.

    We slide two objects on each side of the bed: a night stand and a large window. The character rises from bed, as he looks at a picture frame on the nightstand. Then rays of sunlight shine from the window and onto the character.

    VO: You want to enter work-mode with a smile already on your face. Try placing a picture of a loved one on your nightstand or moving your bed so the morning sun shines on you when you open your eyes.

    We fade out of the bedroom scene and highlight the number 2 on top.

    VO: Next, post a reminder of your goals.

    We see our character now sitting at the desk, in front of his laptop.

    VO: We can easily forget why we spend hours in front of laptop screens. Reminding ourselves of our goals can inspire us to achieve them.

    We go closer on the laptop screen. The character’s hand places a post-it note on the side of the screen, with “Buy your dream car written on it. Then, we see the laptop’s desktop background change to a bright red vintage car (similar to the car seen here).

    VO: Try writing your goal on a colorful post-it note or use an image of your goal as your desktop background.

    We highlight the number 3 on top.

    VO: Third tip: Display your milestones.

    We go back to our character sitting at his desk.

    VO: You’ll be surprised at how your past accomplishments can motivate you when dreaming for the future.

    A framed diploma pops up on the wall in front of him. A trophy appears on the shelf next to it.

    VO: Hang those accomplishments up, showcase them – even if only to yourself – and take pride in what you’ve already completed.

    We stay on the desk scene and highlight the number 4 on top.

    VO: Fourth, decorate with intent.

    The wall of our character changes into a more vibrant accent color, AmFam Blue, and a plant slides into frame by the side of the desk.

    VO: Upgrading the look of your working space can make you happier. Painting your wall with an accent color or getting a new plant are little additions that can put you in a positive mindset.

    We now see just the desk against the wall, as it slowly slides through the room, next to an outlet and a large window with curtains half drawn.

    VO: Moreover, an efficient use of your space can help you get your work done. If your outlet is too far, move your desk a bit. If you’re often on video calls, sit in front of a window. The natural light will give you better lighting and won’t blind your screen.

    We stay on the desk scene and highlight the number 5 on top.

    VO: Next, light up the inspiration.

    The window’s curtains by the desk are now pulled open completely, letting rays of light into the scene and onto our character who’s sitting by the desk.

    VO: Natural light isn’t just good for on-camera meetings, it’s also great for your mood. Try to work in a room that has plenty of it.

    The rays disappear, and the room gets darker, leaving only the glow of the screen. But then, a table lamp turns on, and candles placed on a shelf light up.

    VO: And when the sun goes down, work by soft lights and candles that can keep you motivated, yet calm.

    We stay on the desk scene and highlight the number 6 on top.

    VO: Finally, designate a special space for dreaming.

    Our desk scene now slides to one half of the screen, and we reveal our character’s living space on the other side of the screen - a chair, sofa, and a coffee table.

    VO: Even when your home is your office, you can maintain a healthy work/life balance by keeping them separated.

    Our character walks over from the desk to the living room area. He sits down and opens a book.

    VO: Your work-area, whether it’s a desk or just a chair, is where you pursue your dreams. Your life-area is where you can relax with a good book, a binge-worthy show, or even where you make your grocery list.

    We stay on our character, reading his book as we highlight once again the six numbers at the top of the video, and quickly highlight the objects in the scene tied to it - the window, the wall, the laptop background, the diploma, the lamp, and the character’s book.

    VO: Remember, your space can inspire you to dream bigger and invigorate you as you work to achieve your dreams!

    We end on the Am Fam logo and the URL.

    VO: And American Family Insurance is here to support each of those dreams. Learn more about how we can help inspire, protect and restore your dreams at

Wake up happy. Start with the bedroom — especially if you’ve got limited time or resources. Waking up each day with a smile on your face can really help you stay motivated and inspired all day long. Kick-start happiness by placing a memento that brings you joy on your nightstand or arranging your bed so the first thing you see each morning is the sun peeking through your window.

Post a reminder of your goals. Whether you write it on a post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror or hang a representative picture on your fridge, it’s always good to remind yourself of what you’re working towards! Putting it right in front of your face will help keep your priorities straight and make sure you don’t sweep your dreams under the rug.

Display your milestones. A good way to keep moving toward your dream is by reminding yourself of how far you’ve already come. Dream of going back to school? Hang your latest diploma to emphasize that you’ve done it before, you can do it again! Want to travel more? Display pictures of your past adventures to re-spark the feeling of purpose they gave you.

Decorate with intent. Motivational sayings may not be your decorating style, but there are subtle ways to surround yourself with décor that inspires you. Does a certain color make you happy? Pull it in to your space with curtains or throw pillows. Are there certain aspects of your personality that make you proud to be you? Make sure they’re represented! If you identify with your space, it’ll feel natural to focus in on what you want and how you can achieve it.

Light up the inspiration. Lighting has a funny way of influencing our mood. So make sure you optimize it in your home! Get the most out of natural lighting by hanging sheer curtains and arranging furniture to face the windows. At night, use lamps with soft lighting and set out candles to help fuel your inspiration — the aromatherapy is an added bonus!

Designate a space for dreaming. This can be as simple as setting up a reading corner with a comfy chair or claiming an entire room as your office or craft space — whatever makes sense for your specific goals! Sometimes you just need to escape the stresses of your everyday and focus in on how you can accomplish your biggest dreams.

Whatever you do, remember you deserve a living space that sparks happiness and inspiration. Take time now to make these little changes and see the difference it can make over time. Not only will your home be a place for your dreams to grow, it’ll be a place for them to thrive.

You’ll want to protect those thriving dreams, and we can help! Your American Family Insurance agent is happy to go over your home coverage options. Connect with them today and get the peace of mind you need to keep on dreaming fearlessly.

Want more tips and motivation? Our collection of self-improvement tools and resources will help support and guide you along any dream pursuit.

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