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4 Tips for Playing with Color in Your Home Design

Decorating your dream home can be an evolving, adventurous project that lets you showcase your personal design taste and style. Whether it’s playing with trendy colors or experimenting with different fabrics, the options are endless! Knowing where to start can present a challenge to even the most accomplished DIY home designer.

Kathy Ireland, American Family Insurance brand ambassador, is the chairperson, CEO and chief designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), a multi-billion-dollar brand that includes kathy ireland® HOME. So, Kathy knows more than just a thing or two about how the latest trends and timeless classics can help you create a beautiful home.

But creating a beautiful home is about more than following the latest and greatest design trends — it’s also about creating spaces that reflect your personality and lifestyle. And one of the best ways to achieve that is through color! Might sound easy enough, but if you typically stick with neutrals it can be difficult to break out of that mindset. But don’t worry, Kathy has you covered!

In this video, Kathy shares her top design tips for playing with color when designing your home.

  1. Hi, it’s Kathy Ireland, brand ambassador for American Family Insurance, here to give you my top design tips for playing with color when designing your home.

    Number one: Don’t be afraid of bold colors.

    A pop of color can really give your space an eye-catching look. If you typically stick to neutrals, integrate color with a single statement piece, like an accent chair or a vibrant portrait.

    Tip two: Find colors, textures and tones that resonate with you.

    What color comes to mind when you think of relaxation and peace? Trying bringing that color to a room that calls for rest and restoration — like your bedroom.

    Please don’t feel limited by what’s trending right now. Go with what you love, even if it’s unpopular. Your space should always be exactly that — yours.

    Lastly, remember that color wheel in art class? Don’t forget to utilize one!

    Remembering complementary coloring and contrasting colors can help add intentional, curated design to your space while being deliberate about what colors go where.

    That’s all for now. For more home inspiration and tips, please visit for resources to inspire and protect your dream home.

    Thank you.

Simple Ideas for Adding Color to Your Home

Adding color to a room in a tasteful, deliberate way is easier with Kathy’s four tips for home design. And no worries if a ton of color isn’t your thing — a splash here and there can do the trick. Here are a few ways you can incorporate color naturally and in ways that reflect your lifestyle and add more Zen to your home.

Add a pop of color

Just because you’ve committed your main home design to neutrals doesn’t mean you can’t work in a little color. If you prefer greys and beiges, a simple statement piece — a vibrant accent chair or wall art — can add just the right amount. Another option for some decorative flair is to paint an accent wall. Painting just one wall adds a focal point that can instantly change the mood of the room and help tie your color scheme together.

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Choose colors that reflect your personality

When choosing home décor items, think about how certain colors make you feel. What color comes to mind when you think of resting? Consider pulling that shade into your main bedroom. How about when you’re having fun and relaxing with family? Try adding that color to a room where your family often gathers.

Remember to play with textures, too — they can add a whole different dimension of color and style! Design elements like patterned rugs and textured throw pillows — even wallpaper — can add instant interest and make the room stand out.

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Don’t let current design trends influence your choices

While some of the latest home design trends may be eye-catching and pique your interest, they may not reflect the true you. Don’t compromise your personal style and preferences just to be on trend. “Go with what you love, even if it’s unpopular,” Kathy advises. “Your space should always be exactly that — yours.”

Not sure what your style is? Spend time browsing interior design sites, home design magazines and social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram and make note of the styles that draw your attention. You could even create a style board with images that resonate with you and then see how they all relate to create your unique aesthetic. Once you’ve found your curated designer eye, you can dive into your mini home makeover!

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Let the color wheel be your guide

Having a hard time trusting your inner interior designer? Go back to basics. Look at color wheels to find complimentary and contrasting colors to lead the way. Once you decide what color you’d like to add to a room, you can find colors to integrate along with it — and decide which ones to stay away from.

By following these design tips, you can add just the right amount of color to help your personality shine throughout your home. Because your house is more than where you sleep at night — it’s where memories are made and dreams take shape.

Looking for more home design tips? Find more resources to inspire your space and protect your dream home.

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