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Celebrating Mothers Who Keep You Fearless

When you think about the meaning of Mother’s Day, what comes to mind? We believe it’s a day to acknowledge the dedication and devotion a mother has to the ones she loves. We believe it’s a day to celebrate the influence they have in our lives. And most of all, we believe it's a day to share our appreciation for their endless support and encouragement to keep going, keep believing.


    LIZ GUMBINNER: I love my mother. She's an essential part of my village.


    GRANT COLLINS: She is literally the most positive human on the planet. She's always finds a way to see things in a great light.


    LANA DMITRUKS: One of the things my mother helped me overcome was my first teenage heartbreak. Oh my god. (laughing)


    JONAH LARSON: My mom has always been there to teach me important life lessons and values.

    LIZ GUMBINNER: Literal mother of reinvention. She has reinvented herself so many times.


    KACEY DANGERFIELD: Now, more than ever, as an adult and mom, do I find myself recalling and using

    all the advice my mother gave me as a child.


    JOE EVANS: I love that my mother is caring. I remember growing up, our house was always filled with family and friends, but more importantly, love.

    LIZ GUMBINNER: When I think of the phrase, "It takes a village," my mom always comes to mind first.

    GRANT COLLINS: To my fearless mother,

    JONAH LARSON: Happy Mother's Day.

    JOE EVANS: Happy Mother's Day.

    LIZ GUMBINNER: Happy Mother's Day, I love you.

    GRANT COLLINS: Happy Mother's Day.

    KACEY DANGERFIELD: Happy, Heavenly Mother's Day.


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Join Us as We Celebrate Mothers Everywhere

This Mother’s Day, join us as we celebrate mothers and mother figures everywhere — those who are selfless, advice givers, motivators, supporters, reinventors and mothers who are a light in darkness. We’ve highlighted stories of sons and daughters who proudly celebrate and thank their mothers for the role they’ve played in shaping them into the fearless dreamers they are today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who keep us believing.

Dr. Grant Collins


“Work hard, do your best and you’re going to be loved no matter what.”

These are words of comfort that Grant’s mom has always used to support him.

Dr. Grant Collins, better known as The Braces Guy™, is an orthodontist, philanthropist, author and the founder/owner of Collins Orthodontics in Rochester, Minnesota. And, thanks to his mom, Grant has been instilled with an empathetic fortitude that has been a large part of his successes in life.

Grant describes his mom as the most positive human on the planet. She always finds a way to see things in a great light and from the perspective of others — it’s one of the things that he loves most about her. Her positive outlook has helped shape him into a better leader at work, as well as a better father to his sons.

Grant reminds himself and his team to "Be the Hero,” which means to look at situations from the perspective of others, understand everyone has their own challenges and ask the questions his mom would, such as, “How would the other person view the situation? How would I view the situation if I were in their shoes?”

Grant believes that when you get to that point where you love who you are, you’re okay with making mistakes along the way, you learn, grow and get better each a day — then you are truly fearless. He couldn’t be all of those things without the support and love of his mother.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

Multiple perspectives matter. Always consider the perspective of other people and “Be the Hero.”

Liz Gumbinner


Liz wears many hats, which she naturally inherited from her mother — who Liz proclaims is the queen of reinvention. At one point, her mom started a clothing company from scratch with the headquarter being the attic of their home. That bold move encouraged Liz to later start her blog,, to help support working moms and small businesses. Her mom has been her number one fan and supporter, always being the first to comment, share and like any story that’s posted.

When Liz thinks of the phrase, “it takes a village,” her mom is the first person who comes to mind. Every Friday for the past 15 years, Liz’s mom has stepped in to take care of her two granddaughters to ensure Liz always has a day off to follow her dream pursuits.

As a child, Liz’s mom encouraged her to pursue anything that excited her — and taught her there were no boundaries or limits when it came to exploring who she could become. Liz shares this wisdom with her daughters often and lets them know they’re allowed to be who they are and not who anyone else wants them to be.

Liz, thank you for being such a fearless daughter and mother! Keep believing that there are no boundaries or limits to what can be done if you keep being fearless.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

Whatever you do as a mom is right and whatever you do as a mom is wrong. With that in mind, you’ll always be fine.

Kacey Dangerfield


“Now more than ever, as an adult and mom, do I find myself calling and using all the advice my mother gave me as a child,” says Kacey Dangerfield, who draws strength from her late mother, who taught her the art of balance that focuses on self-care.

Kacey has been living a courageous and faithful life, just as her mom taught her before passing away from cancer. When Kacey’s mom became ill, she emphasized the importance of pushing beyond fear and choosing faith. By choosing faith she was able to be the caregiver her mom needed, while also pursuing her graduate degree as a full-time student, and the responsibilities of being a new mom. Kacey described her mom as a hard-working leader with a giving spirit who was willing to give the shirt off her back to anyone in need. It’s not hard to see that Kacey carries those same morals and values that her mom exuded.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

All children have gifts. Acknowledge and mold those gifts to help them pursue their dreams.

Lana Dmitruks


As Lana thinks back on her first heartbreak, she’s reminded of her mother's words to get her through that tough time. She told her, “You are so much better than this and no boy deserves a single tear of yours. Everything happens for a reason, so trust that this is probably the best thing that could happen to you, because the best is yet to come. And what is meant for you will be for you.”

Lana’s mom has always reinforced overcoming obstacles — and she leads by example. When her mom moved to the states, she didn’t know the language and had a very limited support system. Her work ethic helped to build a foundation for her family. It was passed on to Lana, who is passing it along to her children. More than anything, Lana admires how her mom put her family's needs above her own needs and wants. As a result, it’s helped Lana be a better wife and mother.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

Whatever life hands you and whatever path your life leads you to; you’re strong enough to overcome it and everything happens for a reason. You’re capable of taking on everything at hand.

Joe Evans


Joe grew up in a home that was filled with family and friends — and most importantly — love.

His mom had an open-door policy for anyone to come over and stay for a while. She taught Joe the importance of working hard and treating people well. Joe remembers a time when his mom would attend night school after working a full-time job and would come home to cook and help him with homework. He said that showed him there is no reason to not go after what he wants to achieve. Joe followed his dream of going to work in Corporate America and later decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur. He was afraid that the decision would disappoint his mom, but instead, she let him know that no job or title could validate the love she has for him. As a result, Joe is thriving at his company while feeling fulfilled and loved.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

There are no dreams that are too large and there are no goals that can’t be met.

Jonah Larson


Two years ago, Jonah won a Best in Show ribbon at the local fair for his custom crocheted quilt. He was really close to not entering the contest once he learned he would be the youngest person.

He immediately felt that he wouldn’t have a chance until his mom asked him, “Jonah, what are your chances of winning if you don’t enter?” So he did, and he won. Jonah said his mom has never backed down from a challenge and she’s teaching him to do the same.

Jonah is an avid reader and had a dream to build a library in Ethiopia, where he’s from. Nine months later, with the help of his mom, the library was created. His mom continues to teach him the importance of being a leader, having a good work ethic and being fearless. For Jonah, being fearless means not quitting and pursuing your dream regardless of failure or what other people think.

Greatest Piece of Advice from Mom:

Your best can become better.

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