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Best Side Hustles for Moms and Dads

Today’s employment landscape is changing and morphing every day, and the chance for you to reinvent yourself is growing exponentially too. For instance, as internet-based learning has become a staple in many parts of the US, parents are starting to realize they need extra help tutoring their kids. And as the demands of distance learning challenge families and school districts across the nation, opportunity may be knocking for at home parents with extra time on their hands. 

Other job prospects — like developing/editing online content or pivoting to a career in web design — may not be out of reach for you. Some of the top side hustle ideas for moms and dads are built out of an existing skillset by applying those abilities in unique ways, adapted specifically to meet market demand head-on.

If you’re a stay at home parent, side hustles may be great ways to bolster income and build a niche for yourself in today’s emerging online economy. As the saying goes, with great change comes great opportunity! So, whether you’re working from home now or looking to supplement your income, we’ve got some great stay at home side jobs for you to consider.

Make a Healthy Workstation
Already have a workspace at home or thinking about creating one? We've got some tips to help you make the most of your in-home office.

What Are the Best Side Hustles for Moms and Dads?

Wondering what the best side hustle is for busy parents? Start by dusting off that resume and taking a look at your work history to see what kind of positions you'll qualify for. You’ve likely performed a number of jobs over the years, many of which were built out a skillset you used every day at work. But maybe there are a few skills you’re not leveraging anymore that might directly apply to a new side hustle. Take note of those and add them into your resume and highlight them in your cover letter.

We’ve put together this list of top jobs for stay at home moms and dads according to earnings and specialized skills required to get the job done — see which one fits you best:

Rideshare driver — Expected pay: $8.50 - $11.75 per hour

Thinking about becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft? It can be a tough nut to crack. And in these challenging times, you’re wise to think about your health and wellbeing too. With relatively low hourly compensation, you’ll need to consider expenses like rideshare insurance, fuel and regular maintenance on your car, in addition to the wear and tear which can add up when you’re driving in city traffic for hours at a time. But if you’re up for it and live in a big city, some rideshare drivers have made $500 per shift during surge pricing days.

Phone survey conductor — Expected pay: $8 - $12 per hour

You’ll hook in with major corporate campaigns doing market research, cold calling customers or citizens requesting interviews. Offering flexible hours and opportunities for unskilled workers, this side hustle is a great inroad that can lead to other, higher paying alternatives once you’ve got a little experience under your belt.

Telemarketer — Expected pay: $10 - $14 per hour

Another great entry-level side hustle is that of the telemarketer. You may be eligible for bonuses, tips and other compensation above your hourly rate after making a sales quota. And overtime pay can push your rate to time-and-a-half if you’re willing to take that side hustle to the next level.

Test scorer — Expected pay: $12 - $18 per hour

Online educational testing services offer up part-time scoring jobs that might be a great fit for your free time. Work typically involves scoring and entering student test results details into a database.

ESL teacher — Expected pay: $12 - $25 per hour

Although some English as a second language jobs require a bachelor’s degree, among other certifications in order to qualify, this can be a great side hustle for at home parents looking to boost their monthly income. You’ll be teaching students English according to an established syllabus, and much of the coursework is already built — all you have to do is teach it and test on it.

Research assistant — Expected pay: $15 - $25 per hour

Operating directly under the lead researcher you’ll assist in research ventures in the lab or online, depending on the project. You’ll be expected to conduct literature reviews, collect and analyze data and even prepare grant proposals for submission to granting foundations and agencies.

Recruiter — Expected pay: $15 - $25 per hour

A freelancing recruiter helps hook qualified candidates up with hiring managers looking to fill open positions. If you’ve got experience in human resources, this is a great part time hustle for busy parents. From reaching out to prospective candidates to fielding incoming requests from employers, this side gig is a good fit for outgoing individuals who thrive in keeping busy.

Virtual assistant — Expected pay: $15 - $30 per hour

The outsourcing of yesterday's secretary has become today’s virtual assistant. And it’s a quickly growing field. Much like a personal assistant, you’ll help your employer stay digitally organized by taking on tasks as requested in addition to managing other daily responsibilities. Virtual executive assistants can expect higher pay and a wider array of more complex tasks they’ll need to follow to completion.

Content creator — Expected pay: $16 - $22 per hour

If you’ve got a job history in marketing or writing, a gig as a content writer may be the stay at home side hustle you’ve been looking for. You’ll be tasked with researching a given topic and assigned a deadline to deliver an article to your editor.

Semi-trailer dispatcher — Expected pay: $16 - $26 per hour

Semi-trailer truck dispatching is a good side hustle for those with computer skills. Most jobs require applicants pass a competency exam after taking a 40-hour course. In most cases, you’ll have to pay the fees for these courses upfront, but upon graduation you’ll qualify for a wide array of expediting and dispatching jobs on logistics-based software systems.

Customer service representative — Expected pay: $17 - $22 per hour

This is a great job for people who love interacting with people over the phone. You’ll be provided internet accessible help screens to assist people calling in with issues or questions. You’ll help resolve problems, keeping to a company script provided through your employer in most cases.

Help desk technician — Expected pay: $17 - $26 per hour

Got a career in IT? Remote positions as a help desk tech can be a good fit. You’ll need to quickly ramp up into the intricacies of software systems to help users troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Bookkeeper — Expected pay: $19 - $26 per hour

For those familiar with preparing tax documents for an accountant, the bookkeeper side hustle may be for you. First off, you may not need certification or industry licensure to do your job. And better still, you’ll be able to leverage your spreadsheet wizardry skills in your on-the-job hours at home.

Online tutor – Expected pay: $20 - $30+ per hour

According to, individual tutor sessions are in high demand. And if you’ve got an advanced degree or a special education certificate, you can anticipate getting a lot more for your time teaching online. This position is best suited for individuals that can quickly break down complex assignments into small segments and assist the student in mastering new concepts.

Proofreader — Expected pay: $20 - $30 per hour

Proofreading is a job for those obsessed with detail. From spelling to punctuation to fact checking, proofreaders mediate between the content writer and editor. It’s a great side hustle for those already writing professionally.

Researcher — Expected pay: $20 - $30 per hour

Freelance researching is a great side hustle for those with a scientific background, or individuals keen on details and the data behind the research results. Researchers design, implement and study results from controlled, laboratory-based scientific experiments like drug trials. In most cases, researchers will be required on site to conduct trials and experiments.

Editor — Expected pay: $22 - $26 per hour

If copywriting is in your wheelhouse, editing content may be too. You’ll be expected to correct grammar and ensure the copywriter’s done their job. You’ll plan, coordinate, write and edit content for both print and online distribution, working closely with marketing and advertising stakeholders.

Online journalist — Expected pay: $22 - $28 per hour

Covering assignments locally for the media can be an exciting way to rock the side hustle. You’ll write about news events, splice in interview details you’ve uncovered in one-on-ones with authorities. In truth, the sky’s the limit on what you’ll be asked to write on. From offering color on international happenings to delivering a play-by-play of local high school lacrosse game, journalists love their side hustle because it gets them out into the world.

Graphic designer — Expected pay: $25 - $100+ per hour

Again, experienced graphic designers can anticipate a much higher per hour rate vs. those new to the field. But with hourly compensation starting around $25, it may be time to settle down and get certified in Adobe Photoshop and other graphics programs. It’s good work, if you can get it.

Business analyst — Expected pay: $26 - $33 per hour

Working with organizations by helping them to streamline business processes, conduct research and propose solutions to complex business problems is a large portion of a business analyst's side hustle. You’ll be expected to review software issues and integrate with developers to schedule new releases and manage bug fixes among other duties.

Financial analyst — Expected pay: $26 - $34 per hour

If you’re background is in accounting, finance or banking, consider this side hustle that positions you squarely in the center of banking, pension funds, and insurance investments. You’ll provide guidance on investments and assess the performance of bonds, stocks and other financial instruments for your clients.

Data analyst — Expected pay: $26 - $36 per hour

With a master’s degree in software development or statistics under your belt, you might want to try your hand as a data analyst for a side hustle worth the effort. You’ll collect, process and perform statistical analysis on large blocks of data in order to solve complex problems. You may be asked to lean on artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms while you push the technical boundaries of data and pattern recognition for your employer.

Accountant — Expected pay: $27 - $35 per hour

One great CPA-certified side hustle might look a lot like your 9-5 — this time, from the home office. Moonlighting as an accountant can run hot and cold, with tax season being your busiest season. If you’re thinking about taking on more tax clients from home, start in the low season to help acclimate you with a lighter workload at first. That way, you'll be ready when the work starts to stack up.

Actuary— Expected pay: $27 - $38 per hour

Leveraging a long and storied livelihood in mathematics and statistical analysis, actuaries are skilled at estimating how risk impacts investments. They apply financial theory and game out statistical consequences to help investment teams better understand the implications of financial transactions to best minimize risk. It’s a side hustle for moms and dads who’ve made a career out of math and investment risk assessment.

Marketing specialist — Expected pay: $29 - $43 per hour

Helping companies and brands better understand what it takes to convert online visitors into customers, marketing is a side hustle for those with a day job in that arena. You’ll offer up tailored advice and market analysis identifying opportunities and target audiences. You'll also be held to account for increasing sales.

Web designer — Expected pay: $30 - $80 per hour

Because each web design project can vary in scope one to the next, you can expect simple jobs to pay a lot less than those that require hooking into a database or an online sales component. Again, positions like these require you to bring a fair amount of proficiency to the table in order to qualify for the job, but they can really help supplement your income.

Executive recruiter — Expected pay: $33 - $55 per hour

After a few hundred hires and a lot of experience as a recruiter, it may be time to up your side hustle to the next level. That’s where executive recruiting comes into focus. Operating on an hourly wage or under a commission-structured compensation schedule, executive recruiters court the “big guns” and help uncover C-level talent looking for their next adventure. You’ll need to coordinate interviews, verify CV and perform other high-level tasks while currying favor with these top players.

SEO specialist — Expected pay: $41 - $50 per hour

Providing improved online visibility and search engine results positioning, SEO specialists bring a seasoned online marketing skillset to their clients with a track record of boosting online visits and conversions. You’ll be tasked with making a big difference and clients may leverage metrics and analytics details from previous marketing campaigns to fine tune your future efforts.

Marketing manager — Expected pay: $44 - $68 per hour

Establishing and directing marketing strategies for organizations is no small task. If you’re skilled in the ways of building ad campaigns, targeting market segments and creating demand for a diverse portfolio of products and services, a position managing a marketing department could really help you boost your monthly income.

Web developer — Expected pay: $50 - $85 per hour

This option is admittedly a bit more than a side hustle, but if you’re already developing at work, why not bring those skills to bear on a side hustle? You may be paid an hourly rate or compensation can be contracted — dependent on the successful delivery or deployment of online collateral.

How to Get Started on Your Side Gig

That long list above — it’s the just the tip of the iceberg — your options are unlimited in today’s internet-based job world. The biggest (and sometimes the hardest) step in any long journey is the first one when considering the best side hustle for moms and dads. Once you’ve taken that leap of faith, all that’s left is to break down the process into smaller, achievable steps:

Identify your skills and areas of interest

Make a complete list of full-time and part-time jobs you’ve had in the past and put together a bullet list of skills you acquired for each position. Be sure to include the name of the employer and the start and stop dates when possible. And remember: it’s important to document the full-time job that parenting has been, too. Some side gigs for moms and dads will weigh your at-home multitasking experience heavily as a skill they’re seeking.

Make sure your resume is up to date

Compare that list you’ve just made against your current resume and make adjustments to include all your work experience and skills you’ve got under your belt. Some of the best side hustle jobs for dads and moms are born out of creatively stating what you’ve done by updating your resume with a focus on how you’ve grown your skills professionally over the years, so be sure to indicate growth in your resume.

Define clear goals

There’s power in simply writing down your objectives and assigning a due date to them. If the job of getting a job seems to be too much for you, break it down in to a list of simple-to-achieve tasks. The best side jobs for working moms and dads are achieved by hard work and perseverance.

Make a list of ideal jobs

Start by making a short list of potential jobs you’ll likely qualify for and then put aside time to search for those positions online. Revisit and customize your resume each time you apply for a new position, tweaking your job and skills descriptions to best align with what your prospective employer’s seeking.

Dedicate time every day

Carve out time in your calendar for the job. Build an accurate day-to-day, hour-by-hour breakdown of what your at-home life looks like and then make space in it for your new side hustle. Budget your time carefully, and soon enough you’ll land one of the best side jobs for moms and dads out there!

Commit to finding work

After emailing the prospective employer, put together a spreadsheet that details who you’ve contacted, and a follow-up date so you’ll know when to reach out again. The important thing here is to persevere. Stay at it and don’t let up. Commit to the side hustle by contacting recruiters, emailing employers and remember to update your LinkedIn resume and profile. During your interview, remain confident and focused on all you've accomplished.

Get serious, and expect serious results!

American Family Is Here to Help You Achieve Your Career Goals

Working from home can be a rewarding and fulfilling way of moving your career forward. We’ve put together a great reference guide to help you realize your dreams based on the SMART Goal methodology. As an at home parent, you’ve got time and ambition — why not put all that talent to work and pave the way today to a more prosperous tomorrow? Good luck!

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