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Road Share: Motorcycle Style

With warm weather comes road trip season — especially for motorcyclists! Whether you’re a rider or a driver, these tips can give you confidence on the road ahead.

On Your Motorcycle

Brighten up your gear. Stand out from the crowd by wearing a brightly colored helmet or jacket instead of the standard black gear.

Avoid blind spots. Make sure you’ll always be seen by leaving room and being cautious about your position behind or next to other vehicles.

Pump the brakes. When you’re approaching a stop, tap your brakes as a warning to following drivers. The lights will help get their attention.

Be reflective. Dusk and nightfall are the riskiest times to ride. Be savvy about being seen — apply reflective tape in key spots like spokes and wheel rims.

In Your Car

Check twice. Most accidents happen in intersections. Before crossing a road or turning into traffic, remember to double-check for motorcyclists.

Leave room. From traffic jams to furry friends crossing the road, quick stops happen. Leave plenty of space between you and motorcyclists to help keep everyone safe.

Turn on your night vision. Your visibility tends to decrease after dusk. Take extra time to look out for motorcycles when driving at night.

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