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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Cruising down the highway on your motorcycle or riding around the lake on your personal watercraft are activities you dream about in the cold winter months. And with warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to get your recreational vehicles tuned up and ready for summer fun. But performing maintenance on your ATV and filling your RV’s gas tank aren’t the only things you need to check off your to-do list — making sure you have the right recreational vehicle insurance coverage is key to protecting the vehicles you work hard for.

Let’s find out if you have the proper coverage in place.

Why Do Your Recreational Vehicles Need Coverage?

Accidents happen — and they can be disruptive and costly. Insurance for your recreational vehicles can help reduce or eliminate your financial burden should the unexpected occur.

Having insurance for your hobby vehicles — like dirt bikes, RVs, jet skis and ATVs — is part of being a responsible recreational vehicle owner. And knowing you’re financially protecting the things you work so hard for gives you peace of mind as you set out on your adventures.

Find coverage for things like:

  • Liability protection to help pay expenses associated with things like injuries or property damage
  • Collision coverage to protect against loss or damage to your recreational vehicle
  • Emergency roadside or waterside service for certain vehicles that breakdown
  • So much more!

Boat Insurance

Pulling your kids on skis behind your power boat, jetting around on your Sea-Doo or using your fishing vessel to compete for the biggest catch — there’s not much better than spending a day on the water. Regardless of which watercraft vehicles you get to enjoy, make sure it’s equipped with the proper watercraft insurance coverage. From property and liability damage to travel trailers and fishing equipment coverage, you can customize your policy to fit your exact needs.

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ATV Insurance

Maybe you use your ATV daily on your property, or perhaps you store it away for the winter and bring it to life again in the spring. Whatever the case, you’ll need ATV insurance to cover you from the unexpected. Find out about liability insurance, coverage for damages to your ATV and protection for your gear — there are a number of ways we can help protect your ride.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Finally – the temperature is just warm enough for you to get out your bike and start your riding season. But before you hit the road, make sure your motorcycle insurance coverage is along for the ride. Because, just like your car, most states legally require motorcycles to carry a minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage coverage. On top of that, you can customize your policy with optional coverages that offer further protection.

Whether you're cruising the city streets on a sport bike or riding the open road on a Harley Davidson, improve your experience with the peace of mind that you and your motorcycle are always ready to run.

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Camper and Motorhome Insurance

Maybe you’re escaping a cold winter, or heading out for a few weeks in the summer, whatever the situation, camper and motorhome insurance protects your sense of adventure. From liability protection that defends you from costly injuries and lawsuits, to customization coverage that covers the customized features of your camper or motorhome, find out all the ways you can safeguard your rig.

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Snowmobile Insurance

Summer may be soon but for some, winter is where the thrill is. After all, who needs roads when you're taking an electrifying snowmobile ride? Keep the focus on fun during your limitless journey with custom coverage that insures you and your ride.

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Bundle Your Coverages

Do you own multiple recreational vehicles? Good news — you can save money on your policies! Just bundle multiple vehicles (or your home, rental, life insurance) with American Family and you can get a discount.And why not? Not only you can save money when insuring more than one product with us, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience of all your policies being accessible in one place. Take a look at more reasons why you should bundle your policies.

Access Your Policies on the Go

We get it — when you’re out on your adventures you don’t want to worry about keeping track of your insurance. No problem. Sign up for American Family’s My Account where you’ll get easy access to your policies, bills, claims and more. Even better, when you download the MyAmFam app, it’s even easier to get all the info you need on the go. Ready to take MyAmFam along for the ride? Download it today!

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