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How to Protect Your Vacant Home

There are a lot of reasons your home may be vacant. Maybe you’re in the middle of a major construction project, or perhaps your old home is still on the market, and you’ve already moved to your new home. If no one is living there, you may be surprised to learn that you’ll need empty house insurance to best protect your investment.

A vacant home insurance policy covers your house when it’s uninhabited for more than 60 days. The good news is, you can find coverage to insure that empty house. Here are other ways that this specialized insurance can help protect your home during vulnerable periods when you’re away for extended periods of time.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Unoccupied Property?

Your homeowners policy may not cover you if your property’s been vacant for a given number of days. First off, it’s important to realize that insurance companies view homes that are constantly lived in differently from those that are unoccupied. Homeowners coverage for unoccupied residences is a specific type of dwelling insurance — it’s unique coverage because the risk to your property is greater when nobody’s around. Without it, your home and everything you’ve worked so hard for may not have the protection it deserves.

Reducing the Risks of a Vacant Home

As a homeowner, you know that keeping a home safe and running smoothly can be a lot of work. Maintenance and upkeep help prevent small issues from becoming big problems. When your home is empty and nobody’s around to notice problems as they emerge, that can sometimes lead to damage that goes unchecked. That’s why insurance for unoccupied properties is so important. Here are a few ways that things can go wrong in a vacant home:

  • The sump pump fails and floods the basement
  • An electrical short in an outlet causes a fire
  • Vandals break a window in the back of your home exposing it to the elements

But, there are ways to keep tabs on your home while you’re away. You can reduce these additional risks by investing in smart home technology. This includes the ability to remotely check in on your place in real-time! This means if a water leak sensor identifies trouble, you’re going to get details.

This technology has changed the way unoccupied properties are kept safe. And because we reward smart homeowners, you may be eligible for a discount on your vacant property insurance premium when systems like these are in use.

American Family Insurance offers customized unoccupied house insurance plans to meet your specific needs. In addition to basic vacant home insurance coverage, you can add coverage for attached structures or personal property, such as lawnmowers and snow blowers that you use to maintain the property. Find out more by checking in with your American Family Insurance agent. They’re a valuable resource when it comes to specialized insurance items like vacant dwelling coverage. Once you’ve got the right coverage you’ll find comfort knowing that your investment is safe, regardless of how far away you are.

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