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The Smart Guide to Moving with Kids

Whether you’re moving to a new apartment across town or to a sprawling farmhouse across the country, moving has its ups and downs. And when kids are involved, those ups and downs can feel much more extreme. From the joys of watching new friendships blossom, to the headache of packing up a sticky, overstuffed toy chest, moving is no doubt a turbulent time for your family. Here’s our tips for making a move with your kids just a tad less stressful.

Discuss the move. The most important step to the moving process is talking with your little ones about it — even in the early stages. It’s no secret kids are often resistant to change, so giving them as much information as you can upfront, answering the questions, and embracing both their positive and negative reactions is a must.

Explore first. Making the move exciting and less like it’s being forced upon the kids is key. Start by including them on the house-hunting (or house-building!) process, letting them explore their soon-to-be neighborhoods, and taking them to visit their new school before the big day.

Ease into the new. Babies and toddlers are often the easiest to move, but that doesn’t mean some sort of transition isn’t needed. If the house you’re moving to is vacant, take a few toys over each time you visit, that way your child starts with fun experiences in their new surroundings.

Downsize together. As you begin the packing up process, include your kids as much as possible. Keep the minimizing stage as positive as possible, billing it as a ‘fresh start.’ Let them go through their toys and donate the ones they haven’t played with in a while. Don’t forget to celebrate the process with some ice cream!

Avoid major changes. While moving may seem like the perfect time to transition your child from a crib to a toddler bed, it’s best to hold off until you’re settled in your new surroundings. Same goes for toilet training!

Hire a babysitter. If your little ones are too young to help on moving day, it’s best to have them stay with a babysitter or relative on the big day. That way, you can devote your full attention to the logistics.

Remember, a little preparation and communication can go a long way when making a big move with kids in tow. Now that you’ve got the smarts, your move is ready to become a source of excitement for the whole family!

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