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Real Renters Insurance Claims Scenarios

You may already know that renters insurance helps cover you for losses from theft, fire, vandalism, water damage and even liability, like bodily injury and medical expenses. And at American Family Insurance, we think it’s important you know exactly why you should proactively protect yourself from the unexpected.

Take a look at the following real-life insurance stories that our renters customers filed with us. You’ll see why they were happy to have renters insurance — and maybe you’ll even decide renters insurance is a good idea for you to have, too.

Theft Renters Claims

  • Our customer’s rental home was broken into while they were away. The intruders forced entry to the back door and got away with the television, DVD player, stereo system and jewelry. All of which was covered by renters insurance.
  • Another customer’s apartment was broken into over the weekend while they were out of town. Diamond rings, pendants, earrings, money and computers — all stolen. Thanks to our itemized property coverage, which broadens coverage for your more expensive items, like a wedding or engagement ring, the customer was reimbursed for these high value items, which would have cost a pretty penny to replace on their own.
  • Our customer’s vehicle was broken into when it was parked on the street, and some cash, sunglasses and CDs were stolen. That’s right, you’re covered even if something was stolen from your vehicle!

Keep in mind, not only will we cover the cost to replace your items, but we’ll replace it with what it would cost to buy new in today’s market, even though your stolen property may be worth less.

Fire Renters Claims

  • A customer’s apartment experienced damage from a grease fire — not good! Luckily, they were able to file a renters insurance claim that paid for not only fire damages to their personal goods and the kitchen, but also for temporary living arrangements while they searched for a new apartment.
  • A neighbor’s apartment caught fire and smoke from the fire damaged some of our customer’s clothes, rugs, and furniture — and made the apartment uninhabitable. Their renters insurance helped cover the cost to hire a specialist to clean their belongings and the apartment.
  • A brush fire started outside of the customer’s apartment and burned some of their outdoor furniture. Fortunately, they were able to replace it all after filing a renters insurance claim.

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Vandalism Renters Claims

  • Teenagers broke into the customer’s apartment and spray painted some of their furniture and artwork on the walls. Renters insurance helped cover the cost to replace and restore the vandalized property.

Water Renters Claims

  • The roof leaked in the customer’s apartment and caused damaged to their TV, laptop and bed. The landlord covered the cost to repair the roof, but it’s not the landlord’s responsibility to cover personal property of the insured — that’s where renters insurance stepped in.
  • When a pipe burst in the customer’s apartment, water damaged some of their furniture. New furniture definitely isn’t cheap — good thing they had renters insurance!

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Property Damage Renters Claims

  • The insured’s dog got away with their parent’s dentures and chewed them up. Because the insured had renters insurance, they were able to replace the dentures.
  • The insured was grilling at their apartment complex and things started to heat up — so much so that a fire started and burned a communal shed. Good thing they had renters insurance!
  • Kids will be kids, and sometimes that involves accidents. The customer’s kids were playing baseball and accidentally broke a neighbor’s window, which cost quite a bit to replace. The insured filed a claim and was able to cover the cost of the window without having to pay out of pocket.
  • Fourth of July fireworks broke the window of a customer’s apartment, damaging their dresser and TV. The customer was able to replace them because they had renters insurance.

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Bodily Injury Renters Claims

  • Sure, dogs are man’s best friend — but that doesn’t always include the mailman. In this instance, the customer’s dog bit the mailman outside of their apartment. Thankfully, the mailman dropped the lawsuit when the customer was able to pay for the mailman’s medical bills after filing a bodily injury claim.
  • A customer’s child was biking and swerved into the oncoming bike path. Unfortunately, the child ran into a biker riding the other direction and caused injuries. The child’s parents filed a claim and the expenses for the bikers injuries were covered.
  • A customer was rollerblading and ran into a pedestrian, causing injuries to that person. Yet another instance of renters insurance saving the day.

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Medical Expenses Renters Claims

  • An elderly guest fell when the insured’s dog greeted them. The guest broke several bones, which required significant surgeries. Luckily, renters insurance was able to help cover some of the cost of their medical expenses.
  • A customer was cooking and accidentally spilled on the floor. Their friend didn’t see the mess and slipped, fell and had to be rushed to the emergency room. The ER and ambulance were paid for by the insured’s renters insurance.

It pays to be proactive about your protection. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be glad you had renters insurance. Find out more about how renters insurance can benefit you. Then connect with an American Family Insurance agent to see how you can get renters insurance protection today.

Still not sure if you need renters insurance? Ask yourself these four questions. And be sure to check out our Renters and Apartment Resource Hub, where you’ll find tips and advice about renters insurance, roommates, landlords, DIY ideas and more!

This article is for informational purposes only and includes information widely available through different sources.

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