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Life Changes That Impact Home Insurance Rates

Pursuing dreams is rewarding — and you’ll never forget the moments where you finally experienced them coming to life.

After celebrating, take steps to protect your new normal. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent about your new situation and ask for updated home insurance quotes, including any possible discounts. They’ll make it simple to protect your evolving dreams!

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Take a peek at some of the life changes that might call for updating your homeowners insurance rates and policies.

Newly married. When your marital status changes, you might merge two households. As single people, you likely had two households with a separate policy for each. Now you need just one policy. In addition, you’ll want to update your home inventory especially with any wedding gifts. You can easily manage yours using American Family's home inventory spreadsheet.

Built your dream home. If you build a new home, not only will you need new home insurance, your home insurance rate could include a discount because your primary home is less than seven years old. 

Home renovation. If you've made improvements to your home, such as adding a new family room, expanding a kitchen or updating a bathroom, you’ll want to review the enhancements with your agent to ensure you’re fully covered. An increase in the value of your home may require increasing your coverage limits. If your renovation includes impact-resistant roofing or smart home devices that alert you to fire, smoke, theft and water leaks, you could qualify for a home insurance discount.

New major purchase. If you did marry recently, those beautiful rings may require additional coverage beyond the protection now on your home insurance policy.
And if a home update included adding new furniture, exercise equipment, electronics or art, you’ll want to update your home inventory and then review your personal property limits on your home insurance. Perhaps you’ve built that pool or added that hot tub your family has always wanted. You’ll want to protect those dreams by updating your home insurance coverage.

Working from home. Did you start working from home or launch a business out of your home? If you bought new equipment such as computers, copy machines and new furniture, check with your agent on whether those items are covered in your home insurance policy. If you invite clients in your home office, you’ll also want to make sure your liability insurance is set at a limit that makes you comfortable.

New vacation home. Did you buy a new cottage or winter getaway? Lucky you! Of course, you’ll be getting home insurance quotes to cover that property and possessions. You’ll also want to create a separate home inventory especially if that home has valuable furnishings, art and recreation equipment, so you have the right amount of coverage for your personal property.

If you built the home or purchased one that’s less than seven years old, you could be eligible for discounted home insurance rates. And if your new property is close to the water, ask your agent about flood insurance, which isn’t part of a standard home insurance policy.

Adding to your collection. Your standard home insurance policy might need to be updated whenever you add valuables such as jewelry, art or collectibles (such as antiques) to your home.

Your first apartment. Congratulations! You’ve moved into your first apartment. You landlord is responsible for the structure of the building. Personal possessions are your responsibility, and you can cover them with renters insurance, which also protects you from accidents that occur inside your unit.

Hitting a milestone birthday. Did you know you can get a discount on your insurance based on your age? For example, when you hit the big 5-0, you could qualify for home insurance rate discounts. Age-based insurance discounts for condo owners are also available – just ask your agent.


Dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. Download our MyAmFam app and access your account, make payments, make changes to your account, and find an agent right from the app! American Family Insurance supports you with every new life stage, and every new dream.

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