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Meet the Scott Brothers

The Scott Brothers — American Family Insurance Brand Ambassadors

Whether you’re on the journey of finding the perfect home or upgrading the one you already have, the Scott Brothers have the know-how to turn a house into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Drew and Jonathan Scott are in the business of creating dream homes — and we’re dedicated to protecting them. Together, we’ll inspire, protect and restore your home and all the dreams inside it. Learn more about the Scott Brothers and find helpful resources to help you create your dream home with their home improvement tips and tricks.

Drew and Jonathan Scott standing next to a For Sale sign in front of a single home

About Drew and Jonathan Scott

Even before Drew and Jonathan would become known across the world as “The Scott Brothers,” the two were big dreamers. Drew and Jonathan felt an entrepreneurial calling since they were 8 years old.

Fast forward and the Scott Brothers are renowned talents in television, best-selling authors, designers, co-founders of Scott Brothers Global and more. The two television personalities have captivated audiences worldwide with their eye-catching home designs and positive, upbeat energy.

How did these brothers become a staple in homes across 160 countries? With their unwavering dedication to creating spaces where families can feel happy, safe and inspired! Drew and Jonathan know that when families have a space for dreaming and the right support, even the biggest dream can be achieved.

“Building a house is merely a physical task. Building a home should be a lifelong passion.”

- Scott Brothers

The Scott Brothers don’t just inspire DIYers and dreamers across the world — they also champion them. In 2018, Drew and Jonathan were named Habitat Humanitarians by Habitat for Humanity for their passion for providing every family with a safe, quality space to call home.

Remember, a house is not just a place to store your things and lay your head — it holds your memories, joy and love. Your dream home is a place where you can learn and grow, raise a family and plant the seeds for future dreams. That’s why we partnered with the Scott Brothers — because your dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own.

Drew and Jonathan Scott

How To Build Your Dream Home

Feeling extra inspired to find or create your dream home? We thought you might be! Here are some great tips and resources for some easy DIY home improvement projects and ideas.

Meet Our American Family Insurance Brand Ambassadors

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