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Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

We proudly partner with fearless dreamers who use their dream pursuits and achievements to inspire and champion others.

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors
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Teaming Up to Support Your Dreams

At American Family Insurance, our mission is to inspire, protect and restore dreams — because we believe a dream is the most valuable thing you’ll ever own. That’s why we’ve teamed up with incredible individuals who embody what it takes to dream fearlessly and share their wisdom and support to fellow dreamers.

When we partner with an ambassador, it’s more than what they’ve accomplished, it’s also how they pursued and achieved their dream. As our brand ambassadors pursue their dreams day-in and day-out, they also carve out the time and space to support others and communities, making the world a better place to dream.

Learn more about our brand ambassadors as they share their tips and lessons learned so you can pursue your dreams with newfound motivation and confidence.

Success Stories of Our All-Star Dreamers

The Scott Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott are dedicated to designing and creating safe, quality homes for people all across the county. Learn how these charismatic brothers have inspired millions to dream big, roll up their sleeves and turn houses into homes.

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Derek Jeter

Achieving greatness takes determination and hustle, and no one understands that better than Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, Derek Jeter. With his never-quit mentality, here’s how Derek overcame obstacles and accomplished one dream after the next.

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Kathy Ireland

When one of the biggest supermodels in the world decided she wanted to launch her new business with branded socks, many said it couldn’t be done. Learn how Kathy blocked out the naysayers and grew her company to become a multibillion-dollar brand.

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Christian Yelich

Making it to the big leagues in baseball takes more than athleticism or skill — Christian Yelich had to stay disciplined, humble and persevere to achieve his dream. Here’s how he worked his way to the top and the lessons he learned along the way.

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Steve Stricker

Steve Stricker may be known for his successful golf career, spanning over 25 years, but what makes Steve an inspiration to all dreamers is what he does on and off the green. Learn about Steve's dream journey and how he's used his success to give back to others.

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Brand Ambassadors at Dreambank

Want to hear our brand ambassadors’ stories from their perspective? Check out these inspiring video presentations featuring our brand ambassadors, hosted by DreamBank — an inspirational community destination and digital experience dedicated to supporting dreamers.

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Resources to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Support for Your Dream

We want to provide you with the support your dreams deserve. Whether you’re looking for self-improvement resources, tips to grow professionally or inspiration to make a difference in your community, our Support for Your Dream Initiative can provide you with the education and tools to make it happen.

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At American Family Insurance, we’re focused on protecting dreams — because we believe a dream is the most valuable thing you can ever own. That’s why we’ve teamed up with incredible individuals who live out our belief that everyone deserves support to pursue their dreams.

When we team up with an ambassador, it’s because who they are and what they do inspire us. As our brand ambassadors pursue their dreams day-in, day-out, they motivate others to dream fearlessly.

Whether it’s volunteering their time at community events or spending time with individual dreamers, our ambassadors are key members of our family and they’re ready to support you.


Meet The Scott Brothers

Creating Dream Homes

A house is more than just a place to eat and sleep: It’s where memories are made and dreams are stored. And no one understands that better than Drew and Jonathan Scott. The Scott Brothers do it all — top talents in television, best-selling authors, designers, entrepreneurs, co-founders of Scott Brothers Global and more — they’ve captured the hearts of dreamers in over 160 countries. Drew and Jonathan’s dedication to providing quality, safe homes to people across the U.S. earned them the title of Habitat Humanitarians by Habitat for Humanity in 2018. Their expertise, dependability and creative spirit — coupled with contagious energy and excitement — has inspired millions to dream big, roll up their sleeves and turn houses into homes.

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Meet Christian Yelich

Pushing Through Fear

Like most starry-eyed kids, Christian dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. But Christian didn’t just wake up an MVP in the major leagues — he had to hustle and fight for his dream from freshman year baseball tryouts, to tireless work in the minor leagues and persevering through a fractured kneecap. With confidence and laser-focus, Christian continues his dream pursuit, fearlessly.

Learn more about Christian’s journey and what he believes it takes to be a fearless dreamer.

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    On screen: Footage of Christian’s high school from various angles.

    Christian Yelich: We're at Westlake High School, where I went to school about 10 years ago, 2010. Going to school here was cool. I mean, it was your average high school experience — football games on Friday nights, playing baseball games here. It's cool to be back.

    It's a pretty common dream and goal, is to play pro sports; whether it's baseball, basketball, football — whatever it may be. As a kid, I had that dream. All my friends had that same dream.

    [Sound of a wooden baseball bat cracking from a hit and people clapping]

    Yeah, it was here, where you were just playing with your buddies for fun. Trying to make the team freshman year and then having a chance to go pro four years later as a senior — it's pretty cool that a lot of it just started right here.

    I didn't know I was ever going to play in the big leagues until probably the year before I did. I was a first-round pick and all that, but at the end of the day, that doesn't mean anything either. That just means that's where you're drafted, and now you're in the minor leagues like everybody else.

    I don't know if I ever knew that I'd play at an MVP level. But, once you get there and you know you're capable of it, then that's the standard and that's what you hold yourself to.


    My family, my friends — people that have known me forever — they've seen good, bad, all those moments since I was a kid. Not even just baseball stuff, just life things.

    After my injury, there's a frustration period; you have a couple day lull and then, once you realize there's no changing it, you have to put your focus into getting better. I know that I can do it. I've got all the confidence in the world to do that, and that's what's going to happen.

    I think to be fearless means you acknowledge the fear, adversity, but push through it anyways. Sure, there's a sense of doubt there, but you have to have belief in yourself and, kind of, laser focus on what you want to achieve. And that's what makes it possible to achieve your dreams, and I've had that since I was a kid.

    You get to play the game for a short amount of time, so why not get everything you can out of it while you can? I think you'd be cheating yourself, the game, the fans, the team, the organization if you didn't have that drive and you didn't want to be the best version of yourself.

    On screen: American Family Insurance logo with the tag line, “insure carefully, dream fearlessly.”

Meet Derek Jeter

'Break Through' Adversity

Brand Ambassadors Kathy Ireland and Derek Jeter sit down to talk about Derek’s dream pursuit to the major leagues. After being drafted at 17 and leaving home for the first time just after his 18th birthday, Derek was introduced to struggles he’d never faced before. He quickly realized he was up against the best players in the world — Derek was overmatched and homesick. But that didn’t stop him. Derek broke through by adopting a never-quit mentality and understanding that while he aimed to be successful, it was important to experience failure, too.

Watch now to learn more about Derek’s story.

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  1. Kathy Ireland: This is American Family Insurance ambassador, Kathy Ireland, welcoming you as we break through to dream fearlessly.

    On screen: Break / Through logo, presented by American Family Insurance.

    Kathy Ireland: Please welcome, to Break Through, Mr. Derek Jeter. Welcome, Derek.

    Derek Jeter: Thank you. Thank you very much. Thanks for having me.

    Kathy Ireland: Derek, there's a legendary story about you being away from home, the first time, being very homesick. And it was a time where you could either break down or break through.

    Can you share with us how you chose to break through?

    Derek Jeter: I was drafted when I was 17. I left the day after my 18th birthday and, really, the only time I've been away from home was when I went to see my grandparents in New Jersey.

    So, here I was going from Michigan down to Tampa, Florida, and struggling for the first time because, I never really struggled before.

    Kathy Ireland: What was the struggle?

    Derek Jeter: I got there and I was completely overmatched playing against the best players in the world. And constant phone calls at night, crying every night, being away from home, homesick — I didn't give up. I kept fighting, kept battling. And, you know, anytime I struggled from that point forward, I always used to say to myself, well, it's not as bad as when I first started.

    So, you need to experience success, but I think, more importantly, you need to experience failure.

    Kathy Ireland: Right — right. So, what would you say to a young person who is going through similar struggles and considering just giving it up?

    Derek Jeter: Keep fighting. You know, you have to have a short memory. And everyone's been there. And if they're telling you that they haven't, then it hasn't meant enough to them and they're not telling you the truth.

    Kathy Ireland: Derek, Sharlie shared with me that she was diagnosed with cancer in her senior year of college. And so many families are facing that tragedy. What can you share that will inspire, and encourage, people who are going through such challenges.

    Derek Jeter: Yeah, my sister — right before her 21st birthday — she was diagnosed with cancer. And when I was growing up, you heard someone had cancer, it was an automatic death sentence.

    Kathy Ireland: Terrifying.

    Derek Jeter: And that was it. But her strength that she had, instead of taking time off and going through her treatments, she wanted to have her treatments and still continue to go through school. I thought that it was very powerful. I thought it was encouraging to me. But she fought hard.

    And, you know, just to be there as a family. I miss my sister — I left when she was in the eighth grade — so I wasn't home when she went through high school, and then she's dealing with this. And you know, I'm in New York playing. So, we had a lot of phone calls at night. A lot of conversations that went very, very late. But any time I would struggle, I'd always say, well, how can I complain about what I'm doing on the field when I have my sister that's battling cancer?

    But she won the battle and she's healthy today. And she's an inspiration to everyone that knows her.

    Kathy Ireland: Derek, your life, your careers, your adventures in family, they're great inspirations to all of us. Thank you for helping our viewers to break through.

    Derek Jeter: Thank you very much.

    Kathy Ireland: Thank you so much, Derek.

    On screen: American Family Insurance logo, sitting above the home, auto, life, and business product line details, with the tag line, “insure carefully, dream fearlessly.”

Meet Kathy Ireland

Inspiring Leaders of Tomorrow

Kathy Ireland understands the power of dreams and never allows naysayers to bring her down. When she was eight years old, Kathy became the first papergirl in Santa Barbara, even though she was told it was a “boy’s job.”

While Kathy’s career began as a supermodel, her entrepreneurial spirit now inspires the term, super mogul. Kathy refused to accept anything less than her dream to own and design brands, starting with a single pair of socks at her kitchen table. Today, Kathy serves as Chair, CEO & Chief Designer for kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®), a leading design and marketing firm.

Kathy inspires future generations of women leaders to believe in themselves and their dreams. Look back to our One Saturday to #DreamFearlessly event with Kathy, and learn more about kiWW®.

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Steve Stricker

A Foundation to Inspire Dreams

Steve Stricker may be best known for his successful golf career, which spans over 25 years and continues to thrive. But what we find most impressive about this brand ambassador isn’t his golf swing — it’s the work he does to help others achieve their dreams.

While Steve’s many PGA Tour wins are a testament to his passion for the game of golf, his philanthropic work is what defines his character. His biggest effort, the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation, shows young people that their dreams are not only attainable, but worth the effort. His foundation supports charities, educational initiatives and organizations aimed at building strong families and healthy kids. And it’s all with the purpose of empowering them to chase and achieve their dreams.

Find out more about the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation.

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teacher and young students draw pictures of plants on an outdoor picnic table

Dreams Foundation

Our mission is to inspire, protect and restore dreams — and we’re dedicated to bringing this pursuit to life in our communities. Through financial support, volunteering, creativity and expertise, our Dreams Foundation focuses on social impact collaboration to create a better future for all.

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Big Dream Gathering

Dream Movement

Looking for support to achieve your dream? Join the Dream Movement and propel your dream forward. From inspiring stories, tactful tips and motivational articles, we’ve got the resources you need as you build your dream.

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