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Car Insurance Discounts
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Car Insurance Discounts

We realize saving money is important to you – especially when it comes to discounts on car insurance. That’s why on top of quality protection and peace of mind, we offer over a dozen ways to help you save on your coverage. From good grades to safe habits, discover all the ways you can save with our car insurance discounts. Explore all of our auto insurance discounts below to see which ones you might be eligible for.

Are you a good driver? See which discounts you might be eligible for.
Have a teen driver in the family? You could save 10 percent!
Have more than one policy with American Family? Bundle them to save!

  1. Wondering why your car insurance rate increased?

    Well, it all starts with where your premium goes once you pay your insurance company.

    When you pay your premium, it goes into a bucket of money that holds the premium of everyone who is insured by the insurance company.

    When a customer gets into an accident, your insurance company will use those funds to help cover costs for things like vehicle repairs or rental reimbursements.

    When there are lots of claims, you might see an increase in your premium because the insurance company needs to cover all of the claims being filed.

    But that's not the only reason why your premium may increase.

    Other factors, such as the rising costs of repairs and health care, can impact your premiums.

    And even though you can't always prevent a rate increase, you can save on auto insurance by maintaining a good driving record, bundling your auto and home insurance together, paying your bill in full, and taking advantage of the available discounts.

    At American Family Insurance, we do our best to keep insurance costs low while still providing dependable coverage and excellent service. Connect with an agent to get the protection and support you need.


How to Get Auto Discounts With American Family

Finding great auto insurance discounts at American Family Insurance is as easy as reaching out to your agent. They’ll review your policy and build you a quote with car insurance discounts and bundling options that can really help you save.

If you insure more than one vehicle with us, you may qualify for a reduced auto insurance premium on your cars and trucks.
If you’ve been a loyal American Family customer for a while, we think you deserve a discount. The amount you save will depend on how long you’ve been a customer with us.
Early Bird
If you have an active policy with another carrier and receive a quote from us at least seven days before the policy goes into effect you could get a discount. Discount amount depends on your state.
Save money when you protect more than one dream with us – like bundling your auto and home policies.
Steer Into Savings
If you switch to American Family from one of our competitors, you could get a discount on your auto premium. The discount amount depends on your state.

Safe Driving Discounts

We offer a wide variety of discounts that reward smart behavior. They’re our way of saying thanks for all you do to stay safe on the road.

Auto Safety Equipment
Is your vehicle equipped with factory-installed air bags? Nice work. Those features can help you save.
Defensive Driver
Study up. In certain states you could get a discount if you are 55 or more years old and complete an approved defensive driving course.
Good Driving
Hello role model. Drivers without accidents, violations or claims may be eligible for a reduced rate premium.
Low Mileage
You don’t have to go very far to save money. American Family customers who drive less than 7,500 miles per year can qualify for additional savings.
Pay-How-You-Drive Safe Driving Program
Enroll in our Pay-How-You-Drive safe driving program and save 10% for signing up.

Young Driver Discounts

We also offer a variety of discounts for families with teen drivers or young adults purchasing insurance on their own.

Good Student
Good grades pay off. In some cases your student’s top-notch track record could help you save on your insurance premiums.
Help your teen make better choices behind the wheel. This program is free to auto policyholders with a teenage driver, and you may get a discount on your policy for enrolling.
Away at School
If you or your child is a student who is under 25, more than 100 miles away at college and their car is parked at home, you can save.
Young Volunteer
Giving back is rewarding. If you're under 25 and complete 40 hours of volunteer work per year for a non-profit you could save money on your auto policy.
Is Mom or Dad an American Family customer? Then you could save on your auto policy.

Billing Discounts

Here are some great ways to boost your savings by taking advantage of payment and billing-related discounts.

Auto Pay
Save time, stamps, checks and money! When you enroll in automatic funds transfer (AFT) or electronic recurring payments, you qualify for a discount.
Customer Full Pay
It pays to pay in full. The customer full pay discount saves you money when you pay your policy in full at time of purchase.
Save a tree and save money by enrolling in online billing and e-delivery of policy documents. Your agent can help get you set up.

Learn More About Car Discounts

Curious about saving even more? Reach out to your American Family Insurance agent to find out how our car insurance discounts work with your auto policy.