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Insurance for Classic Cars

Classic cars call for special protection. When it comes to protecting your classic car, American Family Insurance has you covered. We’ll help you build a unique combination of liability, medical expense, uninsured/underinsured motorist, comprehensive and collision coverage that match your needs and your car’s value.

Whether you restored the car you drove as a teen or worked your way to become the proud owner of a classic set of wheels, car enthusiasts like you embody the passion that makes dreams possible.

Your American Family Insurance agent will work with you to create a classic car insurance policy as unique as your wheels. Find an agent and talk shop.

What Is Classic Car Insurance?

Whether you’ve got a classic car or your pride and joy is affectionately called a collector car, the coverage you’ll need is the same. Classic car auto insurance is protection for antique cars and vintage rides, which are typically vehicles over 20 years old. It’s coverage that’s usually reserved for older restored vehicles that have retained a value above the average price range of similar cars in their class.

But newer cars with a special automotive significance may also qualify for this specialized insurance. With American Family, you’ll get key coverages that match your car’s value and rarity.

What Is Covered Under Classic Auto Insurance?

Contrary to the way a typical new car depreciates after it drives off the dealer’s lot, classic cars can actually increase in value over time — or at least maintain a certain value for a period of years. And those unique qualities call for classic car insurance that is equally distinctive. You’ll still get the same great coverage we offer with standard car insurance, just with a few tweaks to better address your needs as a classic car owner.

Classic car insurance also has a few additional coverages you can add to best suit your policy to your needs. Here are just a few:

Zero-deductible windshield repair

If your windshield is repaired instead of replaced for a covered comprehensive loss, we’ll waive the deductible. If the repair happens to fail, the windshield will be replaced, and the deductible will be applied.

Personal property coverage

Should personal property be damaged or stolen in a covered loss, we’ll automatically cover up to $200 worth of the cost of your personal property. Please note, no additional coverage limits are available for purchase.

Limited pet coverage

If your pet is in the classic car should it be in an accident or stolen, this coverage steps in to help cover costs.

Is Your Car Eligible for Classic Car Coverage?

This isn’t the vehicle you use for daily commutes, grocery runs or shuttling kids to various activities. To be eligible for collector car insurance, this program requires that you have another supporting daily driver vehicle. Additionally, in order for your car to qualify for a classic car insurance auto policy, it must be:

  • At least 20 years old
  • A rarity because of unique design and exceptional craftsmanship and condition OR
  • A replica or reproduction of an antique or classic vehicle
  • Maintained for either pleasure or the occasional use in exhibitions, club activities, parades or other functions of public interest

Classic Car Insurance Cost

So how much does it cost to insure a classic car? Like most other items you’re insuring, that will depend on the value of the vehicle. Other factors like your location, driving record and even your credit rating can play a role when insurance agents build a quote.

Why Insure Your Antique and Classic Car With American Family Insurance?

Finding the right coverage is as important as finding the right parts for your vintage ride. With our coverage, you’ll get a custom-designed policy that’s tailored to your vintage vehicle.

Flexible usage

With American Family Insurance, you won’t be capped on the miles you can drive your classic car per year. Your car can be driven anywhere as long as it isn’t used as your daily vehicle for commuting to work, school or business.

Low annual premiums

We provide full coverage for your antique or classic car at a price that reflects the extra care and attention you give your vehicle.

All your coverage under one roof

American Family Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance coverages, so not only can we cover your antique or classic car, but all your other insurance needs as well.

Get Your Classic Car Insurance Quote With American Family Insurance Today!

A lot goes into the way you care for, and drive big investments like your antique and classic cars. Pick up insurance that covers all of those unique qualities with American Family Insurance. Get in touch with your agent for a customized quote. You’ll feel great with coverage that rides right beside you, mile after mile.