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No matter what field you’re in, business insurance can help you protect your dreams. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or you have a team of employees, having the right insurance is an essential element of financial protection.

Not sure what type of business coverage you need? Here are some common types of business and commercial insurance coverage solutions to consider.

Hard-working coverage with hands-off convenience lets you focus on building your business.
Your professional space is customized for your business, your insurance should be too.
Give your properties proper protection with complete coverage for unique situations.
Putting your customers first begins with solid coverage and peace of mind.

Business Insurance Coverages

Our business coverage options allow you to customize and fine-tune your coverage to the exact needs of your company.

  1. If your building is damaged, our property coverage works hard to help you regroup and restore your business. We’ll also help cover the loss of income and extra expenses you incur while repairs are being made.

  2. If you have extra buildings and structures that help drive your business dream, we’ve got the protection you need.

  3. Make sure the equipment, inventory, tools, and other property you depend on are protected too.

  4. Protecting your business space is important — whether you own or rent. We offer the coverage you need for repairs if there’s an accident when you’re renting.

  5. A business auto policy gives you that much-needed liability, collision and comprehensive coverage your business vehicle needs.

  6. This business insurance policy coverage is designed for artisan contractors with 10 or fewer owners and employees, and covers commercial liability, property, and contractor's equipment and tools.

  7. Accidents happen — even at work. Make sure you’re protected from bodily injury, property damage or personal injury expenses that arise from your business operations.

  8. This policy adds another layer of protection to your primary business liability coverages by giving you extra security against legal and financial incidents that could jeopardize your business dream.

Insurance to Protect Your Business’ Employee Coverages

You’ve worked hard to accomplish your goals. We can help protect everything you’ve built up over the years with our suite of business policies on risk management, loss control and safety programs.

  1. Ensure that you’re meeting the insurance needs required by state workers’ compensation laws and regulations with this coverage.

  2. Regardless of liability, this business insurance policy provides coverage for immediate medical care for injuries that take place where you’re doing business.

Additional Insurance Coverages for Your Business

Optional coverages are available to help further protect your business from industry-specific concerns. Take a look at our additional coverage options and build out your policy with protection that goes above and beyond.

  1. Although you’ve taken steps to improve the security of your online presence, your business may be exposed to online liabilities and other risks. Reach out to your agent to learn about this important coverage.

  2. If you deal with perishable products — you need a backup plan. This coverage protects you from lost stock due to refrigeration or humidity control failures.

  3. If your sewer backs up or sump pump overflows, this coverage provides extra protection for your floors, walls and ceilings.

  4. You run an honest business, but not every employee has the same values. Help protect yourself and your business from any losses that dishonest employees can cause.

  5. Water damage resulting from floods could sidetrack your entrepreneurial dream. Safeguard your business with a flood insurance policy offered through the National Flood Insurance Program.

  6. Do what you can to protect your business from costly lawsuits by employees. This coverage will help protect you from occurrences such as discrimination and wrongful termination.

Business Insurance Policies FAQs

If you’ve got business insurance questions, we’ve got the answers! Take a look at our commercial insurance FAQs and learn all about how our policies protect your business best.

  1. At American Family, our business insurance policies can combine property, loss of income, general liability, and crime coverages into a simple package. And we’ll customize it to your unique business needs. Your agent can help walk you through our programs and help you decide which policies make the best sense for you.

  2. Is business insurance required? Many types of business insurance are optional; however, there are a few that can be required by law or your clients such as workers compensation, business automobile, and general liability. Property and casualty insurance is highly recommended to help keep the investment you have in your business safe. Insurance is important for a business because the reality is that without business insurance, your company's assets, and all of your hard work, can be lost if something unexpected should happen.

  3. It’s important to have enough protection to cover the costs of rebuilding your business and replacing your business personal property and inventory if the unexpected happens. The value of the supplies and tools you use to run your business every day can add up quickly! Your agent can help give you a better idea of how much protection is just the right amount.

  4. Your business should have a general liability policy, because accidents happen and you need coverage to insulate your finances. What insurance do small businesses need?

    • Building insurance if you own your building
    • Business personal property to protect your equipment, tools, and inventory
    • Workers compensation to protect your employees
    • Business automobile insurance if your business has owned vehicles
  5. The cost of insurance for your business varies because it’s based on the unique features of your business and industry. It’s easy and convenient to protect your business with American Family, so get your online quote today!

I Need to Make a Claim. What Should I Do?

If the unexpected happens, we’ll be by your side every step of the way. Our industry-leading claims service is focused on helping you regroup and restore, with as little interruption as possible. Need to file a claim today?

Have more questions about business insurance? Talk to your American Family agent to make sure you are getting the right protection at a great value. You’ll get the affordable, fine-tuned coverage you need so you can get back to the business of pursuing your dreams. Learn more about business insurance claims

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