Devin Krienke & Associates, LLC - About The Agent

Devin Krienke & Associates, LLC - About The Agent

Devin Krienke & Associates, LLC is a full service agency in the heart of Mankato located in the historic TR Coughlin Co. building. This once served as command central for Mankato Kasota Stone. One of our favorite things is to see our clients chase their dreams. So whether you're purchasing a car, buying a home, managing and investment property, starting a small business or leaving behind a legacy, we are here to help. We've got your back, and look forward to protection your dreams.


Devin is a member of Ambassadors with Greater Mankato Growth and a member of Mankato Downtown Kiwanis Club.

Hobbies & Interests

Devin loves being active! He enjoys hunting, hiking, boating, biking, and camping.

Licensed Staff

Our team has three licensed agents ready to assist you.

Years of Service

Devin has served as an American Family agent since 2013.

Personal Information

Being native to the area, Devin takes great pride in his community and displays that through his continued commitment to make our clients feel comfortable when talking about their insurance needs. He was born and raised in Janesville and grew up on a farm. In his downtime from protecting your dreams, Devin enjoys being active and outdoors.